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          Join Us

          Join Us

          Our People

          Our Team

          LKKHPG now boasts approximately 5,000 employees from different countries and regions with different education backgrounds, working experiences and life goals. However, they do share the same values and cultural dispositions with the Company. They stick to the “We>I” mindset and the principles of breaking new ground, being pragmatic and honest and working from a customer-oriented perspective. We are proud to have them and devoted to helping them to achieve a better self at LKKHPG.



          Get the big picture; understand theCompany’s common goal and vision from a higher-order perspective, and achieve win-win by promoting team spirit.

          • Understand the big picture, including our common goal and vision, and proactively take responsibility
          • Take a longer-term view when considering issues, not limited to the perspective of individual, department or company
          • Make decisions that facilitate the achievement of the common goal, with consideration about the key intentions of issues
          • Appreciate differences, and listen to different opinions
          • Align personal interests to the organizational interests for achieving common goal

          Innovate and Break Through

          Recognize with the spirit of constant entrepreneurship, not contented to stand still, capture the opportunity, keep learning and  leverage on each other.

          • Have courage to challenge habitual practices, try to do new things and transcend oneself
          • Do not set ceilings for oneself, learn continuously, and set higher goals for oneself
          • Explore, capture and create opportunities beneficial for corporate development, and take timely action
          • Have courage to assume responsibilities during change, and be tolerant to failures
          • Encourage and give support to others’ innovative behavior

          Pragmatism and Integrity

          Treat others sincerely and fairly, walk the talk, complete the work with a practical approach.

          • Keep your word and finish the tasks on schedule
          • Treat people with a modest and honest heart, walk the talk and act on what one says
          • Stick to principles, resist temptations to take advantages and abusing power for personal gains
          • Utilize and allocate resources properly to achieve high effectiveness
          • Respect the truth, deal with affairs in a just and fair manner


          Think from others’ perspectives and take good care of customers’ needs, bring happy experience to customers by exceeding their expectation.

          • Provide products and services to customers from the bottom of one’s heart
          • Take good care of customers’ needs, and anticipate the potential needs from customers
          • Listen proactively and patiently; inquire effectively; and understand customers’ needs correctly and respond timely and appropriately
          • Think from the interests of customers, and work out a solution with them
          • Proactively provide value-added service,  exceed the expectation of customers and create happy experience to them
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