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          Join Us

          Join Us

          Compensation & Benefits

          Unique Welfare System

          We offer a competitive general compensation scheme and examine it by referring to the market changes every year. Moreover, we create a unique welfare system that can help the employees to nurture healthier lives with balance, affluence, and harmony.


          Improve basic and supplementary benefits to increase the employees’ happiness

          Besides the statutory benefits, we also provide employees with commercial insurances such as life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance and comprehensive medical insurance. In addition to that, we provide all-round care for employees, including a comprehensive package of supplementary welfare that consists of special leave, a variety of bonus, health examinations, etc.


          Optimize health care welfare to improve the health awareness of employees

          We deliver welfare of different kinds to employees such as seasonal health products and purchase discount. We also regularly hold healthcare lectures to share health knowledge and improve the health awareness of employees.


          Improve family welfare to help employees achieve balance between work and family

          We regularly hold the “Happy Family Day” carnivals to enable family members of employees to experience our corporate culture and help employees to achieve a balance between work and family.


          Diversify exercise welfare to improve the physical conditions of employees

          We provide employees with fitness facilities and also hold various activities such as the “Daily Walk for 10,000 Steps” campaign and the Experience Camp of “Four Habits (diet, rest, exercise and emotion)” to spread among employees the unique health philosophy of the Company. All these help employees to cultivate healthy living habits and balanced lifestyles, which enable them to live a healthy life.


          Provide emotion-nurturing welfare to enhance the mental health of employees

          We open interest classes, reading clubs and stress management lectures to help employees enrich their mind, improve their life quality and strengthen their physical and mental health.

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