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          About Us

          About Us

          Chairman's Message

          LKK Health Products Group
          Sammy Lee
          Chairman, Chief Invisible Officer & Chief Happiness Officer
          李惠森先生簽名 d7c285ef-db4f-4296-8bc0-e63399305fa1

          In 1992, we founded “Infinitus”, committed to providing high-quality Chinese herbal health products. Through continuous innovation, we have gradually boasted unique corporate culture, profound R&D strengths, patented core technologies, quality products, competitive brand value, devoted staff, etc, which lay a solid basis for our fast growth in the health sector.

          As we grow, we realize that we must guarantee the quality of raw materials besides R&D and production techniques. So we employ the Outstanding Supply Chain Management Model and work closely with many Chinese herb plantation bases. With "Tianfangjian" founded, we aim to further excel in this area.

          In addition, we have established "Happiness Capital", hoping to grow an ecosystem of Super Happiness in which habit changes are encouraged to make everyone live happier.

          We also actively expand our property investment through continuous pursuit of premium investment properties and professional asset management, funding the corporate growth.

          In today's fast-changing world, we shall persevere and strive for our mission, the long-term and difficult task. We shall always adhere to the core values “Si Li Ji Ren”, the Auto-Pilot Leadership Model and the spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship. We shall ground ourselves in China to serve the world, and advocate the premium Chinese health regimen unremittingly.

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